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Most of the year that Ava was nine years old, she was sick. It was a strange illness with fevers that came and went. The fevers made her sleepy and delirious at times, and sometimes when she was in the throes of one she would have dreams or see things. She recounted these visions to her parents and they started writing them down, thinking only that these were cute things they could tell her about someday when she was older. Eventually the illness subsided and the dreams and visions stopped, and all of this was forgotten.

Until three years later, when Ava's older brother disappeared on his way home from football practice one October afternoon. His body was found three days later in a field on the outskirts of the county; to this day the crime has never been solved.

Ava saw all of this three years previous, during one fever-tormented night. Her parents dug out all the notebooks and pads of paper they'd used to record her stories and Ava first put them in chronological order, as best she could, before committing as many of these stories as possible to memory. She's able to recall these visions in dreams, especially as the time when they'll come to pass gets near, but she had no new visions after that year.

A lot of Ava's visions consist of fragments of information. She'll know a person's name or their face but she may not understand yet why this person is important to her. She may know to be at a specific place at a certain time without knowing what's going to happen. Some of her visions are more detailed--she knows there's a specific task she needs to complete or an event she needs to avert. And in some rare cases, she has full details on a situation or a person.

I will never have Ava have had a vision about or foreknowledge of another character without express and informed consent from that character's mun, and a discussion as to precisely what and how much she knows. I don't use her ability as a means of godmoding other characters and players. It's also not at all required that Ava have some vision concerning your character in order for them to interact or build CR, or that you must continue interacting or building CR with her simply because she had a vision about your character. I'm happy to have her wander in, deliver a message, and never speak to a character again, and I'm happy to have her build close bonds with people without ever knowing anything about them psychically. It's entirely up to you and what you're comfortable with her knowing and doing.

I'm willing to have her know or contribute anything that is helpful to you in your own plans and plots for your characters. It can be as simple as her recognizing your character without knowing why. She can turn up someplace to give them a piece of information or a warning. She can appear on a street corner and push them out of the path of a runaway bus. She can know the most intimate details of your character's life, or their past, or someone connected to them, or she can tap them on the shoulder and tell them not to eat the crab salad or they'll be sick. In short, I'm down with anything you want to have happen, whether it's just to amuse you, creep your character out, or help you further along some plot or some development you want to have happen.

Comment here with any ideas you have about what she might know, and we'll figure out how to make it work. Or, if you just don't want her getting her psychic weirdness anywhere near your characters, let me know that here, too, no harm done.

Writing Sample: Arrival Post

She's had trouble with her visions before, but this one was particularly stubborn. June 14, 2011. Go to Baedal. Get a room at the Valhalla Inn.

She couldn't find anything on Baedal anywhere, save it being a Korean surname, no matter how many times she Googled it over the years. Was she supposed to meet a person with that name? The Valhalla Inn she thought she had figured out--it was a hotel in Toronto--but then it closed two years short of when she was meant to take a room.

Here it was, the morning of the appointed day, and she had no idea what she was supposed to do. Ava sighed, splaying her right hand across her forehead and massaging her temples with her thumb and middle finger.

Maybe the answer would present itself sometime during the day. It was all she could hope for. She left her room and headed down the stairs to gather her things for work.

Suddenly there was a green door blocking her path. She turned and saw a green wall behind her, three more holding her in a room. The words DON'T PANIC were carved into the floor, and a thick spiral notebook with a brochure atop it sat on a low table beside the door. And in her hand was a cell phone she'd never seen before.

She picked up the brochure and began to read.

Congratulations are in order. Since being Chosen you are about to take the first step to be part of the Wonderous Citizenship of Baedal.

...Oh. Well. That explained that.

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Character: Ava Lockhart
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Writing Sample: Third-Person Prose, Adult Content

The dance floor was crowded, the crush of moving bodies raising the temperature around her body. Only a handful of degrees but it was enough to raise a fine sheen of sweat on her nose, in the hollow of her throat, and across the shoulders bared by her sleeveless top. Ava reached around behind herself, catching her hair in one hand, twisting it and lifting it up so her other hand could rub at the back of her neck. She wished she'd thought to wear it up, wished she'd realized she'd need relief.

Her pulse seemed to pound in time with the beat of the music and her hips followed, albeit at a more languorous pace. Her body couldn't help but respond, heat coiling deep in her belly at the way the bass thumped deep inside her chest, the fact that there were so many people so close.

She turned, arms still raised to try to cool her body, and found herself facing a man, so near to him it was a wonder she hadn't caught him on the chin with one of her bent elbows. Their eyes locked for a moment and then his gaze swept lower, clearly appraising. Ava lifted her chin further, allowing the once-over, basking in the appreciation.
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Writing Sample: First-Person Network Post

[The video clicks on with a bit of fumbling; after a few moments a young woman with a bright if apprehensive smile comes into view.]

This is Baedal? It is, isn't it. Wow. Okay. I wasn't expecting... I don't know what I was expecting, but this isn't it.

[She takes a breath, visibly composing herself.]

Hi. My name is Ava. I just got here and I need a little help. I'm in a room. I was wondering if someone could come open the door and let me out. And then show me where to go to find the inn. I'll need a room.

The next thing I guess I need to take care of is getting a job. I... really hate giving the elevator pitch, but here goes: I have a B.A. in Public Administration, I know my way around an office, I've done record-keeping and appointment-setting for a medical office, I used to volunteer at the library, and I could wait tables or work an espresso machine but those types of jobs haven't always worked out well for me.

[She pauses for a moment, her gaze dropping. She's thinking, remembering.]

I think that's all I needed to cover right now. Thank you for your time, and for any help you might be able to offer me.